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Get approved with ECA Consortium A/S

The ECA Consortium is an international limited company dedicated to promoting the use of the ECA technology (electro chemical activation).

ECA Consortium will be pleased to assist you. You do not need to be an ECA member/shareholder.

Over the past six years we have gained great experience in the BPR EU 528/12 regulation for active chlorine by electrolysis.


To understand the regulation it is important to distinguish between:

  • Active substance. Product able to make the disinfection
  • Disinfection product. Contains the active substance and maybe some by-products.

With the Core Dossier from the ECA Consortium, we will help you get your Product Authorization

Core dossier, in-situ and bottles

  • Owned by ECA Consortium A/S
  • Contains product liquid specifications
  • Covers:
    • In-situ & bottle applications
    • Quality, maintenance
    • Precursor, water
    • All relevant use cases
    • All necessary information

Access to information from the active substance dossier is needed

Deadline for product authorization application is 16 June 2022!

The approval process

Historical developments in BPR regulation

The product authorization process

Active Substance Approval

Article 95 listing

Letter of Access for active substance for:

  • In-situ generated active chlorine
  • Active chlorine filled into bottles

Since 2015 all EU countries have required an article 95 Listing

External service customer

  • In-situ
  • Bottle

The process

  • Obtain Letter of Access for product authorization
  • Fill out questionnaire
  • Submit a 5-batch liquid analysis

Upon receipt of your payment, ECA Consortium

  • Prepares your approval
  • Submits your approval application

Product approval should be made BEFORE 16 June 2022

Application for product authorization

Application for by-product LoA

Application for by-product by ECA Consortium


First you will need to obtain a Letter of Access.

Upon receipt of payment for our services, ECA Consortium will provide you with all the necessary information

Country notification must be made for each product

  • ECA Consortium will guide you through the process of submitting country approvals
  • All relevant country approvals must be applied for

Application for country approvals

How to get started

First of all, you need to fill in a form to get your product authorization.
After that you will receive a Letter of Access and a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for signing.
Upon receipt of your payment, we will start preparing your application to ECHA.

Approval lead time

The approval time for an Article 95 listing is normally four weeks from receipt of payment. For product authorizations, we first need to have our core dossier approved.

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