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Consulting support for a cleaner environment

The ECA Consortium is an international limited company dedicated to promoting the use of the ECA technology (electro-chemical activation)

Our vision is:

  • To promote the benefit of using the ECA technology in the market place, and utilize the business opportunities for the members
  • To fulfill the requirements in the Biocidal Product Regulation  (BPR) in a common cooperation ( Article 95 listing Product Authorization). 
  • Talk with a common voice to influence international and national legislations 
  • To make a common promotion of ECA technology to potential customers (homepage) 
  • To support members on technical and legal issues 
  • To provide Letters of Access (LoA) and consultation on product authorizations and gain new shareholders

Who is the ECA Consortium

ECA Consortium A/S is an international limited company dedicated to promoting the use of ECA technology (Electro Chemical Activation) and in cooperation to comply with EU biocide legislation (BPR, Regulation (EU) No 528/2012).

The companies cooperate on issues that concern ECA applications regulated by the European Biocidal Regulation. This includes ECA manufacturers, disinfection providers and other relevant associations.

Shareholders in the ECA Consortium also initiate and support the development of technical standards in ECA processing and provide proposals for standardization bodies and associations with technological expertise.

The ECA Consortium advises anyone (e.g. ECA manufacturers, end users, etc.) who need to comply with the requirements of biocide regulations for ECA disinfection applications. The ECA Consortium has sought authorization for several ECA uses, specifically within two main categories of permits.

Why use ECA Consortiom

We have been dealing with the BPR for active chlorine since 2013, and have helped a lot of outside companies become compliant with the BPR legislation.

We are first movers in the product authorization approval process, always comply with deadlines and establish a beneficial dialogue with the authorities.

Using us, you will get value for your money when you buy our services.

Call us: +45 51 64 36 36

Meet our members, or become a shareholder

Meet our board and utilize the services we are able to support you with.

We strive to provide you with honest, expert advice and with information and services that will support your business in the best way.


ECA Consortium A/S

Åvej 19, 2680 Solrød Strand, Denmark

+45 51 64 36 36